Meet the Authors! 

Now is your chance to meet an author or two, including ww2, Northern Ireland, Falklands Conflict and Gulf War Veterans! 

Neil Barber 

Neil Barber is no stranger to the War and Peace Revival and we are happy to welcome him back. He has been interviewing veterans and studying the actions of the 6th Airborne Division in Normandy for over 25 years.

He is a Committee Member of both the 9th Parachute Battalion Reunion Club and the Merville Battery Museum, and is also involved with the Parachute Regiment Charity, which looks after the memorials and other 6th Airborne Division interests in the region. He has recently been advising on the script for the forthcoming feature film, Pegasus Bridge.

Neil will be speaking each day of the show about his book, The Pegasus and Orne Bridges, which was the result of five years of research.

He says, ‘The book goes further into the subject than any other published information and is unique in its ability to put the reader ‘on the ground’ with the men themselves.’





Alan Barry 

Alan Barry is a welcome newcomer to the War and Peace Revival and will be speaking each day of the show. His first book Salesman with an AK-47 is an autobiographical account of the life of a young Irish Catholic immigrant who grew up in the UK in the 1970s, during the height of the Irish Republican Army’s (IRA) campaigns in mainland Great Britain.

The book recounts his personal experience of life serving in the Grenadier Guards, one of the British Army’s most elite regiments.

Alan describes his professional military training and what it was like to serve as a soldier in Northern Ireland during Operation Banner in the midst of The Troubles, the violence of the mid-1980s. During this period of his life, Alan witnessed the death of friends and was confronted with sectarianism.

After five years of military service, he became a successful sales executive at the height of the telecommunications boom.

Unexpectedly, an incident in Alan’s military past unravelled him. The sudden diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from past military service led him to “the darkest hole I’ve ever been in in my life.”

Alan would like to thank Lee Dargue [Editor In Chief of British Armed Forces The Best] for the support in making this video.



Mike Brown 

Viewers of TV’s Time Team and Time Watch will remember Mike Brown, whose career as an author began with Put that Light Out, while teaching history in London. Since then, he has written 14 more books, and collaborated on another nine.

Mike gives talks to specialist and general audiences of all ages.

We are delighted that he will be speaking on Tuesday and Saturday about the iconic Utility symbol, CC41, which is instantly recognisable to anyone who lived in Britain through the Second World War as a mark of quality and value. The scheme was such a success that it was extended to cover furniture, lighters, pencils and household linen.

In his beautifully illustrated book, CC41 Utility Clothing – the Label that Transformed Britain Mike Brown looks at the creation of Utility, its trials and triumphs — from some hit-and-miss early garments, through to ‘the Couturier scheme’, and its rather ignominious end in the early 1950s.







Keith Collman

We welcome photographer Keith Collman, who accompanied WW1 veterans back to the fields of France and Flanders in 1984. The photographs he took of those veterans formed the foundation for his book, Great War Portraits. Those included took part in some of the most historic battles and campaigns of the Great War and their experiences were wide and varied: serving with the BEF in 1914; releasing gas at Loos; receiving gallantry awards; being shot down in the Royal Flying Corps; made a prisoner of war.

Included are the final three British veterans William Stone, Henry Allingham and Harry Patch. Fittingly, the last photograph in the book was taken at the funeral of Harry Patch as his coffin was carried into Wells Cathedral.

In 2015, the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans commissioned Keith to document their trip with 120 WW2 veterans in 90 black cabs to Holland to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe, resulting in Return of the Liberators 1945 – 2015. Keith will be speaking and book signing from Thursday to Saturday.








Carol Harris 

Carol Harris is a freelance writer, speaker and social historian. The author of 15 history books, including Women at War, Blitz Diary, The Ration Book Diet and The Wartime House.

For the past 20 years, she has written and spoken on a range of historical themes, generally around feminism, fashion and fighting.

She is a member of the interaction team at the Imperial War Museum, and is Social History Editor at Coram, the UK’s oldest children’s charity. Television credits include BBC’s Timewatch and Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio.

Carol will be speaking about life on the front line during D-Day and book signing D-Day Diary on Tuesday and Saturday.



Jeff Haward 

Jeff Haward MM will shortly be celebrating his 98th birthday. He was a Vickers machine gunner and served with the 1/7th Middlesex Battalion throughout the war.

He was at Dunkirk, El Alamein and Sicily, took part in D-Day, was in Normandy and NW Europe.

Jeff will be signing copies of Fighting Hitler from Dunkirk to D-Day, his own story, which he wrote with Neil Barber. Jeff will also be joining the Veterans’ Interview on Saturday 29 July.





Penny Legg

Author Pavilion Hostess, award-winning writer Penny Legg, will be revealing a lesser-known side of World War Two. Penny will be at the War and Peace Revival to talk about her new book, Crime in the Second World War: Spivs, Scoundrels, Rogues and Worse.

If you thought we all pulled together for the war effort, think again! Crime rates soared and murder abounded. Penny, a member of the Society of Authors, the National Union of Journalists and the Crime Writers Association, will be revealing the shocking truth behind wartime crime each day of the War and Peace Revival.





Chris Orchard 

The motorcycle began to replace the horse towards the end of the First World War, but it was in the period from 1925 to 1939 that the full potential of the motorcycle as part of the military inventory became realized. The War and Peace Revival welcomes Chris Orchard, an engineer involved in the military vehicle scene since the late 1970s, as has his co-author Steve Madden, a retired civil servant. Both Chris and Steve own and restore former War Department motorcycles. Chris was a dating expert/motorcycle judge for the MVCG/MVT in the 1980s.

Their book, British Forces Motorcycles 1925 – 45 was first published in 1995, again in 2006, and now comes an edition for 2017. This includes three new chapters, covering Raw Material Shortages in WW2 affecting motorcycle production, Motorcycle Disposals, and Motorcycles with Provenance. Chris says, ‘Finally, after another 11 years, version 3 is out with a section on provenance, which will interest BSA M20 owners!

Can you prove your motorcycle to be one of those listed?’ Chris joins us on Thursday and Friday.



Kevin J Porter 

Kevin J Porter joined the Royal Navy at 16 as a Communicator to see the world and gain valuable skills. His journey included war in the Falkland Islands, which had a lasting effect on him and on his family. After many years of counselling to manage Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and carving out a successful career in Human Resources, he later became a Coach, Hypnotherapist and Transformational Speaker. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) changed his life.

It enabled him to finish a 15-year project for his first book FEARLESS The diary of an 18-Year-Old at War In the Falklands. Kevin was born in December 1963 and HMS Fearless was launched in December 1963. Kevin tells an incredible true story of two 18-year-olds at war. The words come directly from his war diary, telling the emotionally charged and brutally honest view of a teenager in conflict.

He has now become a Hypnotherapist to support others in transforming their lives. Kevin will be at the War and Peace Revival from Thursday to Saturday.

Video produced by Andrew Goode TV.

Andrew Robertshaw 

The trench was the frontline Tommy’s home. He lived, ate, slept, and sometimes died in this narrow passage amongst the slime of mud and blood on the Western Front. Over 6 million men died whilst serving in the trenches – how did they live in them? Described as, ‘One of the UK’s most exciting military historians,’ Professor Andrew Robertshaw was lead historical consultant for Spielberg’s film adaptation of War Horse.

e is a regular consultant and on-screen expert for TV and radio shows, including Time Team, The Trench Detectives and Who Do You Think You Are? Andy has spearheaded numerous archaeological investigations along the Western Front. The BBC has used his replica trench for filming and he is particularly keen to explain the relevance and impact of the First World War to young and old alike.

He is an Honorary Lecturer at University College London and regularly acts as a consultant for the British Army on historical matters. He has also served as a Forensic Trauma specialist for the Norwegian Army. Andy will be speaking and book signing every day of the show.



Penny Starns 

Odette Brailly’s remarkable – and romantic – exploits as an Soe agent first came to light in the 1950s. She had been the first woman to be awarded the George Cross, and the Legion d’Honneur, and in 1950 the release of a film about her life made her the darling of the British popular press. But others openly questioned Odette’s personal and professional integrity. Soon she became as controversial as she was celebrated. Historian Dr Penny Starns delves into recently opened Soe personnel files to reveal the true story of this wartime heroine and the officer who posed as her husband.

From her life as a French housewife living in Britain and her work undercover with the French Resistance, to her arrest, torture and unlikely survival in Ravensbruck concentration camp, Penny reveals for the first time the truth of Odette’s mission and the heart-breaking identity of her real betrayer.

Penny Starns has researched and taught at Cambridge, London and Bristol universities, and has written award winning history programmes for BBC Radio 4. Penny will be at the War and Peace Revival on Friday and Saturday.

Rupert Wieloch 

Rupert Wieloch deployed on most of the major British military operations during his 35 years’ service in the British Army. After he retired from the Army, he ran a dangerous sport in Switzerland and became an accidental author.

He has recently travelled to Russia to research his next book, about the British intervention in Russia during the First World War. Belfast to Benghazi tells the story of Britain’s recent military operations from the unique perspective of someone who not only fought on the front line, but also was involved in strategic planning.

The book connects a hot tour in West Belfast in the aftermath of the 1981 Hunger Strike, with the Libyan revolution 30 years later, via Peacekeeping in Cyprus; the Liberation of Kuwait; Peace support in Bosnia; Response to 9/11 and The Iraq War, blending adventure and humour with sensitivity. Rupert will be at the show every day.


David Worsfold 

The War and Peace Revival welcomes award-winning financial journalist David Worsfold to the show for the first time on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As well as editing a range of leading business titles, David wrote for The Guardian for several years and has contributed to most major national newspapers. He has appeared on radio and television as a commentator on insurance and financial issues and is an experienced conference speaker and facilitator.

He will talk about his book Fighting for the Empire, the story of Dr Thomas Bernard Kelly’s near-50-year British military medical career.



Albert Figg 

Albert Figg, Ch. Légion d’honneur and Gunner in the 112 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery Regiment TA, 43rd Wessex Division was born in 1920 in Chiseldon, Wiltshire.

Albert was called up on 1st September 1939, aged 18. He served until demobbed in 1946, reaching the rank of Sergeant. Albert’s Division landed on Gold Beach, Normandy on 24 June 1944 and was part of the operations to capture HILL 112, just outside Caen in France, which cost hundreds of casualties.


Sadly, Albert passed away on 3 July 2017. There will be prayers said for him at the drumhead ceremony at 11.00 on Saturday 29th July and a tribute at 14.30 in the Authors Pavilion.




Authors Speaker Slots 

Meet the WW2 Veterans 

The War and Peace Revival is delighted to welcome two Second World War veterans to the show. Both are authors and will be talking to Author Pavilion Hostess Penny Legg about their wartime experiences on Saturday 29 July at 2pm. This is a free, interactive event where you will be able to ask the veterans questions.

Jeff Haward  

Jeff Haward MM will shortly be celebrating his 98th birthday. He was a Vickers machine gunner and served with the 1/7th Middlesex Battalion throughout the war. He was at Dunkirk, El Alamein and Sicily, took part in   D-Day, was in Normandy and NW Europe.