In 2014 War and Peace Introduced introduced another new element to its long-standing show; vintage aircraft. Working with Howard and his team at Vintage Aero visitors and exhibitors alike were able to take a flight in either an 80-year old Tiger Moth or a WW2 T6 Harvard!

This year we are still confirming what will be in place at the show, in previous years the below have all been in attendance.!

Boeing Stearman

The classic “wing walker’s” plane – the Boeing Stearman was used as a primary training aircraft by the U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Navy before and during WWII. As far as possible the owners have traced the roots of their Stearman and believe it to be a U.S. Navy variant, Model A75-N25-4, built circa 1942/3. The aircraft probably remained in military hands well into the 1950s. The aircraft entered civilian hands in 1957 and remained in use until late in 1966 when it was taken out of service. In 1971/72 the aircraft was rebuilt as a crop duster and remained in service until 1981. A further rebuild was completed in 1986 and in January 1991 the aircraft was disassembled and shipped to the UK where it has been flown privately ever since.
~ £200 for about 20 minutes airborne.

Tiger Moth

A beautiful 80-year old veteran – DH82a Tiger Moth G-ACDC is over 80 years, having been first registered on 6 February 1933. CDC, as it’s known to everyone, is the oldest Tiger Moth still flying. It was one of 10 allocated to the De Havilland School at Hatfield, remaining there until November 1941. CDC was impressed into the RAF as BB726 on 30 October 1940, staying at Hatfield with No 1 EFTS until November 1941. It was sold at RAF auction in 1953 and since then has been used for racing, stunts, wing walking and training. CDC is in her original maroon and silver colour scheme and has now accumulated over 16,000 hours!
~ £200 for about 20 minutes airborne

T6 Harvard

The Harvard T6G Texan TA-042 (Harvard G-BGHU) was constructed in 1941 with a wooden rear fuselage and tail to save on strategic materials, which were later replaced in 1950 with the standard metal construction. It served in with the USAAF and USAF from 1942-1956, when it was sold to the French Air Force and armed with four wing-mounted machine guns, two bombs and six rockets, seeing action in the Algerian campaign. In 1962 the Harvard moved to the Portuguese Air Force and having been modified to take underwing multi-rocket launching pods, it saw action in both Portugal and West Africa. The Harvard was finally demobbed to the UK in 1979 and her armaments were removed. G-BGHU has a top speed of 210mph – although similar aircraft in race specification have achieved 250mph! It has a wingspan of 42 feet and is 29 feet long.
~ £440 for about 30 minutes airborne

Yak 3

Quicker than the Spitfire and very similar in style. There are no weight restrictions and it can easily reach 450mph
£TBC for about 30 minutes airborne

2-seater Spitfire

Fly down the famed Messerschmitt Alley in this iconic plane; a true chance of a lifetime and a very special treat for anyone! Reaching up to 350mph across the (hopefully) blue-skies of Kent, picture the enemy planes coming at you as you listen to the roar of the iconic Merlin engine! Maximum weight allowed is about 185lbs or 13st 3lbs.
~ £TBC for 30 minutes. This is subject to demand and a minimum number of bookings.

For more information or to book any of these flights, email Howard or Sarah at

NB: these prices are exclusive to War and Peace and only available during the show