War and Peace Revival



The Hopfarm Show Ground has made the decision not to allow the War & Peace Show to take place 2020

It’s with deep sadness we have to inform all the visitors and traders WAP can’t take place.
In True Dunkirk Spirit! We have been working tirelessly over the weeks putting things in place altering formats, revamping the show layout altering visitor attractions endless meetings with our H&S department to enable WAP to meet the ever changing government Guidelines

One thing is for sure we did our very best for you the Traders to put WAP on and keep your business alive.

The Visitor. We are sorry we can’t deliver your fantastic holiday experience!

As for the Media hype “Super Saturday” forgive me if I don’t share this occasion, Business open! YET we can’t trade?

Annie and I would like to thank the support and encouragement from all traders and the wonderful phones calls from all you visitor.

A quote from the Big Man during WW2 (This is our finest Hour!) I’m sorry report this is not our Finest Hour 2020.

A very Sad day

John & Annie – The War & Peace Show


The War & Peace office is currently closed and reopens on Monday the 10th of August. To Defer your ticket or claim a refund please  Click here

The War & Peace Show dates for 2021 are July 27th – 31st