The arena is a action packed part of the show with things happening in the arena all-day from 10:30am-16:00pm.

The arena is a place to see all those great military vehicles you’ve come to see in action. The arena gives the chance for Military vehicle owners to get the toys out and play and use their vehicles in the arena for everyone to see. You will see a variety of vehicles from all over the world being represented including British, German, American, Soviet and many other European vehicles.

The Noon Day Gun, F troop carry out this traditional time signal everyday at Noon. Many famous battles are re-created by the re-enactment groups at The War and Peace Revival, with battles from WW2, Vietnam and The Cold War.

If you’re a relevant vehicle and want to come and play during these events – please just turn up!

10.30: Tracked Armour: Well here we are again, waiting for the heavy Mob to roll in so we can start chewing dust again!

11.15: A Military Oddity: Hmm Lucky Dip time! What’s on site already that’s weird and wonderful? Our commentator Andy likes big unusual toys – a nasty job but someone has to do it – must be the REME in him!

11.45: The Noon Day Gun

12.10: Wheeled Armour: The heavy tracked boys were out earlier, but their eyes and ears are out now. You need to know what the enemy is up to and these are just the right vehicles for the job.

12.45: SHIFT IT! The basics of military logistics, from WW1 and earlier with the horse to the present day, how do armies worldwide supply themselves and move?

13.15: Land-Rovers. What can or can’t you say about this very British Icon ? The best of British and the starting place for many Military Vehicle enthusiasts. So many different variants to try out.

14.00: Post WW2: After the greatest military conflagration in history, the world took a deep breath – but nations were still developing new vehicles – from Russia, and the USA to the UK and France through to the present day – development continues.

14.30: BATTLE!

15.00: Armour: Standing in the Arena we can identify a lot of armour from the noise of their engines, and from a long distance – let’s hope some are out to flex their trax!

16.00: Close.

10.00: Armour : We’re getting back into our stride again now, hopefully more tracked drivers will be out to take advantage of this unique chance to get their grown up Dinky toys up to speed.

11.00: The Yanks, arsenal of the world for so long! From WW2 until now – throughout the world and on TV we see their vehicles from Jeeps to Abrams Main Battle Tank, from Jimmys to the mighty OSHKOSH transporter.

11.50: The Noon Day Gun:

12.10: Jeeps: Need we say anything more?

12.45: Military Oddity : The worlds armies design and use the weird and “wonderful” . What can we show you and how were they used ?

13.30: Heavy Vehicles & Wreckers : All Armies have breakdowns and they vary from small to mega, what would you use to recover a tank?  All Armies need to move huge volumes of men and munitions. So maybe size does matter – 2.5 tonnes and upwards – if it has to be moved there’s a truck for the job!

14.15: Lightweights : The other end of the spectrum, from bicycles to motorcycles, Austin Tillys to Jeeps, 15 cwts, 30 cwts, Jimmys and Dodges – they all had a role and continue to this day with Hummers and the new vehicles needed and developed for the current world conflicts.

15.00: Battle

15.45: Armour: Big Boys Toys. Actually we know girls that have tracked armour as well. So perhaps you might just think, “I Want one of those “ ! You too can come out to play some time soon, talk to the owners!

16.30: Well the second day is over and we are back in to the swing of things! WE LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER!

10.00: Armour: Well its early days but there is armour about, you can hear it rumbling and clanking, and as the show grows they will be out to play – from WW2 to the present day almost anything could be here and not always tracked !

11.00: Ambulance: Both War and Peace bring casualties – it’s an unavoidable fact! The military blues and twos are here to show off.

11.45: The Noon Day Gun.

12.00: LandRovers! Over the years we have used all the usual superlatives for this British ICON – seeing is believing!

12.45: Ambulance! Both war and peace bring casualties – it’s an unavoidable fact! The military blues and twos are here to show off.

13.15: CVRW? Ferrets and Foxes, Saladins and Staghounds – from WW2 to the present day the debate as to whether wheels are better than tracks continues

14.00: COLD WAR!  After WW2 the world changed, politics invaded us all, but the other side of the Iron Curtain produced a huge number of varied vehicles and now more are ending up in private hands. Let’s see what we have here together with NATO, UN and the free world’s offerings.

14.45: War in the Desert: Alamein to D-Day was a long haul – Monty made the difference for both but war in the desert continues to this day.

15.15: BATTLE

16.00: Armour: Turrets & Tracks Finale. Yes the noise and the dust (we hope) are back, the Divas of the show are here for your delectation. But seriously some of these tracked wonders are unique and represent thousands of hours of time and effort – Oh and Investment.

17.00: End of Arena action

10.00: Armour: Is it the dust or the mud this year? Will we see some of the rarest armour in the world – stay tuned to find out!

11.00: Wheeled Armour: It’s time for the Ferrets, Dingos, Saladins and Foxes to come out and shake a tail feather! The eyes and ears of the army sally forth.

11.45: The Noon Day Gun!

12.15: D-DAY! In this anniversary year we remember the largest seabourne invasion in history: D-DAY. Restored vehicles from the Allies and the Axis show how similar and different they could be for the mammoth task that was Normandy

12.45: A Military Oddity: If it’s odd and unusual it probably has a military application.

13.30: Jeeps: Iconic, collectable, adaptable and you can keep one in your garage! But the truth is they are all slightly different in character.

14.00: The Eastern Bloc – Cold War: After WW2 it all went cold from the Baltic to the Mediterranean!
We know Winston said something like that – the post war years in Europe spawned new designs and wars continued on a different scale all over the world as we tried to come to terms with PEACE!

14.45: Heavy Wreckers: Well armies have breakdowns and they vary from small to mega, what would you use to recover a tank?  It’s gone on since the very start of mechanised movement and although they are slow some of the best are 70 years old. Why is it the Scammell reminds us of Fantasia?

15.15: War in the desert. From Alamein to Tunis in WW2, Kuwait to Baghdad, Afghanistan it’s always a long haul in the Desert – hard on men and machines.

15.45: BATTLE

16.15: Armour : Yes the noise and the dust (we hope) are back. Many of the vehicles you see here represent thousands of hours of restoration and huge amounts of money and travel to find those original parts and not least a great deal of skill and dedication.

17.00: Close

10.00: Armour: Dawn of the last day, and you can hear the armour rumbling as they warm up and come to the Arena for their final day’s play.

11.00: The Eastern Block in the Cold War: It lasted years and the Warsaw Pact were the nemesis we didn’t want in the West – but they did produce
some unusual and varied kit. From amphibious armour (there are lots of rivers in Europe) to copies of NATO vehicles as well as their own designs.

11.45: A TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN: We take this opportunity to commemorate all those servicemen lost in past and current conflicts, their families and friends and those of the Military Vehicle fraternity who have passed on, the Arena events will halt for a short period. The Noon Day gun will mark the start and finish of a minute’s silence across the showground during proceedings.

12.15: Military run-arounds:  Communication is one of the keys to military success and if your radio doesn’t “cut it” these guys might. From
bicycles and motorcycles, Jeeps, Tillys, and Gaz, to Landover’s, Dingo’s, Staff cars and carriers; they were all and are part of the military internet. Lightweights only in name!

12.45: AXIS! What was facing the Allies as they landed in Normandy? If you take away the camouflage you can see the German vehicles here – not a good thing for them if a TYPHOON is looking for targets.

13.00: Veterans Parade: Their numbers are naturally reducing but let’s show our appreciation for those who have served!

13.15: Land Rovers:  Britain’s greatest 4 x 4 contribution to the military world since WW2 – well we would say that lots of us have owned or still own them.

14.00: D-DAY to BERLIN: the Allied motorised armies were eventually unstoppable compared to so much of the German horse drawn supply chain. All the Allies supplied vehicles as well as the USA – oh and contrary to what you might think; the white STAR is an Allied recognition sign! Canadian, British and American kit is here to show different interpretations for transport.

14.30: A Tribute to 100 years of the RAF – the timing may vary due to weather and other influences – we will try to keep you updated.

15.00: The War & Peace Revival Prize Giving – The Concours d’Elegance of military vehicle world.

15.45: BATTLE

16.30: Armour: And finally, as they say on the News – its heavy, heavy monster time! Last outing for the big boys toys.

17.30: END EX!