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War and Peace Radio

…has been the official broadcaster for many years at the world’s largest military vehicle spectacular – the War and Peace Revival. Now you can listen online too… all year round! Covering all aspects of both the military and civilian sides of the War and Peace Revival, and many other things that we’re sure our listeners will find interesting.

More About Us

Emotional and memorable stories from veterans, with captivating accounts and dramatic tales from those involved. Plus interviews with celebrities, authors, and many of those involved with the War and Peace Revival.


Radio War and Peace serves a surprisingly diverse range of genres, and potential audience groups, as well as the obvious ones centres on the military vehicle world. All the associated and incidental aspects of the War and Peace Revival, are will also be catered for on air. For example, products, services, and events relating to…

  • Military Vehicles
  • Airshows
  • Militaria Events
  • Model Making
  • Historical Societies
  • Re-enactment Groups
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Jive Clubs and Music
  • Battlefield Tours
  • Veterans Groups
  • Military and Historic Books and DVD’s
  • Civilian Historic Vehicles
  • And, of course, there are many more that will be of interest to the casual listener who just enjoys the great music and interesting features the Radio War and Peace provides.

What will it cost?

Well that really depends on what you need to advertise, how long for, how regularly, the length of the advertisements, etc. Our entry level packages begin at just £20 a month, and even that gives you multiple plays each day. So give us a call, or email us with your needs, and we’ll make sure we find the best deal possible for you.