Many dedicated enthusiasts brush off their uniforms, dig out the camo netting and recreate some classic scenes from the last 70 years of worldwide warfare. If you are thinking about joining us for the War and Peace Revival, please contact us for more details or alternatively, fill out and send off the entry form, details below.

However, so as to separate genuine living history re-enactors and display organisers, who have put so much time and effort into providing something for the public to admire and learn from, from visitors to the show, we must ask that if you are a living history re-enactor, you must book in advance. The living history area fills up quickly and we must have your booking in advance of the show, otherwise we cannot guarantee you space to display. If you are a member of a group already booked in, we ask that you request your group co-ordinator to contact us to confirm that you are a member of that re-enactment group. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!

If your group is not having a display in the living history field (walking re-enactors), to cover the costs of camping, onsite facilities and entry into the show each day there is a cost of £38 per adult, Children 0-15 inclusive are FREE and any support vehicles we deem to be excessive will incur a £30 fee to park in the support car park. Walking Re-Enactors

Entry to the site will be from Thursday 19th July 2018.

Entry Form
To visit as a Static Living History Group (i.e. putting on a fixed display for the week) you will need to complete an online form which is Living History Booking Form HERE

Download the Living History form here

If you are travelling from abroad, please see our DFDS Seaways page for special discounts.