Living History Displays

Living History Displays

Many dedicated enthusiasts brush off their uniforms, dig out the camo netting and recreate some classic scenes from the last 100 years of worldwide warfare. Living History scenes will provide a unique picture of life in conflict with depictions from WW1 to the present. See the British living in trenches, GIs in Vietnam, Russians relaxing with an accordion after a hard day in battle, or Germans plotting their next moves! At all times our re-enactors will adhere to a strict moral code in their displays. Talk to the display members and truly appreciate the time and effort put into each accurately detailed aspect of the displays. Living history groups, dioramas and individual displays depicting civilian life from 1930 to 1960 will be given a dedicated area to show what life was like away from the barracks and the battlefield. Home Front re-enactors and demonstrators will show the hardships endured by both men and women left behind. Civilian vehicles, peace-time activities and re-enactors will all combine to create a vision of the social backdrop against which several 20th Century wars were fought.

Three Sixty History

Three Sixty History is a project designed to break the mould of living history.
Established in 2011, bringing together enthusiasts, former military personnel and creative industry members who were no longer satisfied with the current state of living history, Three Sixty History set about redefining what it meant to educate, honour and entertain through re-enactment.
Creating exciting and engaging educational projects across the UK, with their multi-award winning, explosive, live-action scenarios and highly immersive, detailed dioramas.
Their most popular display depicting events of ‘The Battle of Mogadishu’ continues to grow in popularity and the project is fully supported by actual US Forces Mogadishu veterans.
Featuring in numerous magazines and documentaries, Three Sixty History remain a crowd favourite and a staple of the UK’s War & Peace Revival show.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is probably Europe’s biggest Living History /re-enactment group. Its members collect and own a wide selection of Vehicles, equipment and personal items from the Vietnam War. We show this equipment at various shows in the form of a mobile museum. Our aims is to depict the Vietnam conflict with total accuracy and to educate by engaging fully with the public. It is our intention to show the hardships & everyday lives of the combatants of both sides in such a way as to honour the veterans of the war.

Rolling Thunder “The Vietnam Experience” owes its name to our ability to portray I wide range of units to give the public a wider understanding of the conflict . Between our members, we can convey very comprehensive displays from Infantry camps, Marine patrols, Artillery emplacements, Special Forces and Airborne units, Australian regiments, The Peace / Hippie movement and without forgetting our newly created French Indo China section.

We have a large assortment of vehicles ranging from the small but practical Mechanical Mule up to the large armoured replica Gun Trucks and cargo Trucks as well as Artillery Guns

Our displays are believed to have the largest concentration of Vietnam vehicles within the UK.

Members of RT have helped and supplied equipment, uniforms and vehicle’s to Television companies, Film and Documentary makers, as well as people writing books and magazine articles.
Winners of Large Living History Display at War and Peace 2015

514th Q.M. Truck Regiment

WWII Re-Enactment Group – The Red Ball Express

Supporters of the A.B.F.

The pageant, main activity of the association, is above all an opportunity to train the younger generation a vision more “alive” what was that period of history.
The Jeep Vexin Union represents the 1st Infantry Division, the 26th Infantry Regiment US

Whether through presentations in schools, camps reconstituted organizations, battle re-enactments or exchange with the public is our priority. Furthermore, we participate regularly and organize private activities to relive some historical episodes during bivouacs or steps, and by all seasons.

But it would be impossible to reconstitution, without honoring the men to whom we borrow, for a short time, uniforms, equipment…

This is why we set up at each memorial is a platoon of honor, with or without weapons, tribute, from official bodies, soldiers, and civilians, victims and survivors of the various conflicts of the twentieth Century.

Moreover, the other major activity of the association, not the least of which is the reconstruction and preservation of antique hardware … We will talk mainly as Jeep, Dodge and GMC to name the most popular, but it also applies to tents, cooking equipment, trailers, but also more recent vehicles used by the French army in 2087 as a Renault or Citroen Mehari army.

The U.J.V. organizes every year the Feast of the Jeep, event bringing together fans of this legendary vehicle that has quickly become a symbol of liberation.
Finally, the association occasionally participates in various locations, either to make available historical material or take part in the figuration.
Our activities are many and varied, and everyone is welcome at our side, the main one being to have the desire to share and exchange.

How To Book In Your Living History Display

The living history area fills up quickly and we must have your booking in advance of the show, otherwise we cannot guarantee you space to display.

Each Living History Member is charged £10 for the duration of the show.

If you are a member of a group already booked in, we ask that you request your group co-ordinator to contact us to confirm that you are a member of that re-enactment group. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!

If your group is not having a display in the living history field (walking re-enactors), to cover the costs of camping, onsite facilities and entry into the show each day there is a cost of £38 per adult, Children 0-15 inclusive are FREE and any support vehicles we deem to be excessive will incur a £50 fee to park in the support car park. Walking Re-Enactors

Entry to the site will be from Thursday 23rd July.

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