The Authors’ Pavilion Hits Five!

The Authors’ Pavilion has come a long way in five years!  Back in 2015, when it was first integrated into the Gentlemen’s Marquee, we hoped War and Peace Revival audiences would love the new concept of author talks and interviews to accompany the long-established book signings at the show.  That first year was the start of a steady rise in interest in the events in the Authors Pavilion. Our audiences were modest then but have got bigger each year as more and more visitors come to find out what is happening, and end up staying a while! This year, we will have more than a dozen authors joining us and over forty events taking place over the five show days. No fifth anniversary is complete without a party, of course, and so we invite you to join us on Tuesday 28 July as we celebrate our first big milestone. It is going to be such fun so do come along!

This page will be updated as Authors are confirmed for War and Peace Revival 2020